What is Pol-Int

What is Pol-Int?

Are you just starting to do research related to Poland, and don’t yet quite know your way around?

Working on your doctorate and in need of some orientation, perspectives, and exchange of knowledge?

Want to keep up to date on research on and from Poland without too much effort?

Or are you looking for new partners to cooperate with or potential employees for your institution?

You will find all of this and more at Polish Studies Interdisciplinary (Pol-Int), the service platform for academics working in the field of Polish studies – collected by the platform’s editorial board, and contributed by colleagues from or close to the academic community.

Polish Studies Interdisciplinary (Pol-Int) is the service platform for international research relating to Poland in the humanities and social sciences. It brings together academics from a range of disciplines, but having Poland as a common research interest – enabling them to network and to exchange knowledge and information. Pol-Int is run by scholars for scholars: all the content comes from the academic community, and is made available to members of that community via a central platform and a weekly newsletter. All content is freely available and accessible, as well as written in at least one of the three interface languages (German, Polish, and English).

The idea of such a platform was discussed at the 1st Congress for Polish Studies organised by the German Institute for Polish Affairs. In 2014, under the auspices of the Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies at the European University Viadrina, the first version of Pol-Int finally came online. In the following years, Pol-Int came to serve the international Polish studies community not just as an information network, but also as a review service and an organiser of various events (such as those held during the 2015 Long Night of the Sciences in Berlin, or the annual workshops for its volunteer editors).

In view of changes in the academic field – especially against the background of international differences – and changing needs of the scholars working in it, we have decided to revise the platform and to give it a stronger focus.

The core activity of the new platform is the comprehensive collection and presentation of information from the Polish studies community. Pol-Int helps early career researchers in particular to find their way around within this academic field, with information on such matters as funding opportunities, relevant academic institutions in Poland, and necessary contacts. The Polish studies academic blog complements the aforementioned content: Overseen by different institutions on a rotating basis, it raises topical debates and gives scholars the opportunity to present their latest research projects (and themselves) in innovative formats.

The editorial team researches, collects, publishes and moderates content on Pol-Int. It consists of employees of the three central institutions for German-language research on Poland:

Pol-Int team

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