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Refugees from Ukraine in Kraków (10.2022)

Open Access
Konrad Pedziwiatr, Jan Brzozowski, Olena Nahorniuk
Type of publication
Article / Artikel / Artykuł

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 opened a new chapter in the history of European migrations. According to the UNHCR, by early October 2022, 7.6 million forced migrants from Ukraine had registered in European countries, including non-EU member countries. Poland has played a critical role: it is hosting the largest number of refugees in the region and has served as a temporary home for forced migrants transiting Poland en route to Western Europe and other parts of the world. Poland’s second largest city, Kraków, was an important transit point and destination for Ukrainians—those fleeing by train, who came via a direct rail link from Lviv in Western Ukraine and those who used Poland’s A4 highway to travel from the Ukrainian border in the east of Poland towards the German border in the west. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians passed through Krakow between February and October, and many of them temporarily settled in the city. This report describes the results of a survey of Ukrainian refugees in the early phase of their adaptation in Kraków (Cracow), in May and June 2022. The report provides an overview of the migrants’ situation: their circumstances in Ukraine, their reception in Kraków and expectations about staying in Poland. It examines refugees needs and their strategies for socioeconomic adaptation. It also assesses how they perceive the refugee reception system in Poland and the response of Polish civil society. The report concludes with a set of policy recommendations for public authorities at the local, regional and national levels.

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Political science
#SolidarityWithUkraine Polish-Ukrainian relations Russia-Ukraine war
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