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Polityka zagraniczna Polski po agresji Rosji na Ukrainę (07.2023)

Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala
doi 10.7366/9788367450249

The article discusses Poland’s foreign policy in 2022/2023, mainly in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Poland’s actions were determined by the following premises: the risk of the conflict spilling over to neighbouring countries, the fear of Ukraine’s defeat and its potential consequences for Poland’s security, as well as the perception of the war as an opportunity to weaken Russia’s potential. The most important tasks of Poland’s foreign policy in 2023 included: soliciting international military, financial, and humanitarian aid for Ukraine, shaping an international sanctions policy towards Russia, taking steps to strengthen Poland’s defense capabilities and the entire Eastern flank of NATO. Poland, as Ukraine’s neighbour, made its territory available for the transportation of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and became a key element in the logistical chain. It also welcomed Ukrainian war refugees, which had an extremely positive impact on Poland’s image abroad.At the same time Polish authorities were not able to overcome difficulties with the European institutions. As a consequence, Poland did not receive any money for the implementation of the National Reconstruction Plan. Relations between Poland and the major EU countries (Germany, France) remained rather strained.

Political science
Polish-Ukrainian relations Political discourse Russia-Ukraine war War refugees
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