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Polish Cinema: From History to Modernity (08.2023)

Open Access
Alexander Fedorov and Marina Tselykh

Today, Russian-Polish relations cannot be called warm or friendly, although there have been periods of constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation between Moscow and Warsaw in history. Under these conditions, it is important not to slide down to the level of denying or “cancelling” the culture of other countries and peoples... An excellent example of such a thoughtful, deep, professional analysis is the book by film critic Alexander Fedorov “Polish Album: Movies Notes”, which reveals the theme of Polish cinematography and its reflection in the mirror of Soviet and Russian film criticism. This book continues the series of film studies publications by Professor Alexander Fedorov on Soviet and foreign cinematography. Some of these books have already been talked about in the film and media press, and some of them have won awards from the Guild of Film Critics and Film Critics. The material of this book might be of interest for higher-school teachers, students, graduate students, researchers, film critics, cinema scholars, journalists, as well as for the wide range of readers who are interested in the history of cinema art, problems of cinema, film criticism and film sociology. In connection with the publication of the monograph Alexander Fedorov gave an interview to Professor Marina Tselykh.

Cultural studies Film studies History
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