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Korean Wave in Poland: Success and Challenge (03.2022)

Edyta M. Barczynska, Bohyeon Kang
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The increase in popularity and attractiveness of Korean culture has caused the Hallyu phenomenon around the world. The Korean Wave can also be seen as a result of the active cultural policy of the Korean government. Thanks to globalization, popular culture has been able to become an important driving force for economic development in many countries, including Korea, as a powerful means of communication. In addition, the Korean Wave strongly builds a positive image of Korea to people around the world by showing the soft power of Korea. In the future, the popularity of Hallyu is expected to grow further worldwide, and various elements of Hallyu are expected to have a strong influence on the popular cultures of other countries. In the past, the Korean Wave was mainly observed in some parts of Asia, but the recent Korean Wave is spreading around the world including Europe. This paper focuses on the growth story of the Korean Wave, the success and challenge of the Korean Wave in Poland, which is located in Central Europe. As a result of this paper analyzing in detail the areas of the most popular Korean Wave in Poland along with the characteristics of Polish people, it was found that the Korean Wave in Poland has been very successful in various fields so far. However, due to the cultural differences between Korea and Poland, it was confirmed that there were also areas of the Korean Wave that were not successful in Poland. This paper provides an opportunity to think about future directions for improvement.

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