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Cultural Profiles of Women of the Interwar Period in the Monthly Magazine Rodzina Polska (1927-1939) (07.2022)

Evelina Kristanova
Type of publication
Article / Artikel / Artykuł

While portraying women, the Warsaw-based Catholic periodical Rodzina Polska (Polish Family), published by the Pallottines between 1927 and 1939, did not limit their profile only to the role of wife and mother. The analysis of its content demonstrated their important social role and the change in their image as influenced by the political situation. The issues above were presented in the context of the Interwar period and the social trends of the time.

Material and methods:
The material was from the monthly Rodzina Polska. The article uses the following methods: literary and critical analysis, as well as media and press content analysis and case study.

The profiles of the women presented included those in various professions, with ladies being able to achieve success alongside men. Contributions were made to debates on the emancipation of women, their education, work, earnings and trade unions. At anniversaries, female cultural and social activists, writers, journalists and monarchs were commemorated.

The press studies conducted proved the significant social and cultural role of women and the change of image under the influence of the political situation. The profiles were presented in various professions, and the ladies could also achieve successes alongside men. There was a voice in the discussion about the emancipation of women, their education, work, wages and trade unions. On the occasion of anniversaries, cultural and social activists, writers, journalists and queens were reminded. The above-mentioned issues were presented in the context of the interwar period and contemporary social trends.

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Communication studies Cultural studies Gender studies History
Gender history History of the Polish People's Republic Interwar period Popular culture
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