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Assessment of socio-economic adaptation of Ukrainian forced migrant women: evidence from Poland (07.2023)

Open Access
Liudmyla Huliaieva, Andrii Oliinyk

This article presents an assessment of the adaptation of Ukrainian women who were forced to migrate from Ukraine to Poland due to the ongoing war. The study utilizes an online survey to collect data from 420 Ukrainian women-forced migrants residing in Poland. The survey captures information on various independent variables related to demographic factors, socio-economic and financial situation, and labor and social status. The dependent variables focus on well-being and the degree of women's adaptation, including aspects such as career development, job prospects, income generation, financial independence, and success. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis were applied. Increasing material ad financial situation after arrival, young age, increasing social status, giving career opportunities, education, and support programs are proved to be most correlated with migrant women’s’ successful adaptation. The study underscores the complexities of the adaptation process and emphasizes the significance of tailored policies to ensure the successful socio-economic integration of forced migrant women in host countries.

Economics Political science Sociology
Migration Polish-Ukrainian relations Russia-Ukraine war
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