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Jewish or Common Heritage? (Dis-)appropriation of Synagogue Architecture in East-Central Europe since 1945 | Konferencja

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Deutsches Historisches Institut Warschau, POLIN Museum, Bet Tfila – Research Unit for Jewish Architecture TU Braunschweig


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In postwar Europe, synagogues were culturally categorized as an element of Jewish heritage that appeared to be isolated from the common heritage of a city or town. Though one can still find abandoned synagogues in small towns, in most municipalities, they were "rediscovered" as a part of local history and culture and thus became part of the common heritage. In many regions of Europe, this led to their restoration and opening to public, and in rare cases, to their reuse by Jewish communities.

The conference is organised by the German Historic Institute and Bet Tfila – Research Unit for Jewish Architecture in Europe, Technische Universität Braunschweig within the DFG-Priority Program 2357 Jewish Cultural Heritage and the Global Education Outreach Program (GEOP) of the POLIN Museum.


Tuesday, 12 September 2023German Historical Institute Warsaw

18:00–20:0025th Lelewel Debate: The Orphaned Synagogue in the Urban Space. Why Do We Recall Them?Eleonora Bergman, Jerzy Kichler, Vladimir Levin, Stsiapan Stureika, Diána Vonnák (Moderation: Christhardt Henschel)

Wednesday, 13 SeptemberPOLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

09:00–09:30Welcome and Introduction- Zygmunt Stępiński, POLIN- Ruth Leiserowitz, DHI / Ulrich Knufinke, ev. SPP- Kamila Lenartowicz, Bet Tfila – Research Unit for Jewish Architecture in Europe, TU Braunschweig

09:30–11:00National and International Institutions(Chair: Ulrich Knufinke)

Piotr Puchta: Struggle to Preserve Material Jewish Heritage Sites in Poland. Challenges and Prospects

Melinda Harlov-Csortán: Synagogues in the Contemporary Hungarian Countryside

Samuel Gruber: The Re-Discovery of Jewish Built Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe, 1988–2006

11:30–13:00From State Socialism until the Transformation Era(Chair: Aleksandra Jakubczak-Gabay)

Aleksandra Paradowska : Synagogues in the Memory of Contemporary Local Communities in the Wielkopolska Region

Kinga Migalska: The Meaning of Objects. Judaic Exhibitions Organized in Synagogues in Poland (1945–1989)

Christhardt Henschel: Burden and Asset. Jewish Built Heritage and State Authorities in the PRL (1968–1989)

14:30–16:30Individuals and Local Institutions(Chair: Alexandra Klei)

Zuzanna Światowy: Restoring memory or searching for a new identity? Synagogues of Lower Silesia in the post-German territories after 1945

Renata Hanynits: Former Jankel Jancer Shul Synagogue in Lviv. Rebuilding Jewish Heritage and Community Life after 1991

Magdalena Abraham-Diefenbach: The Synagogue in Międzyrzecz. A History of the Various Attempts to Protect the Monument

Arno Pařik: Reconstruction of the Great Synagogue in Boskovice. The Influence of the Polish-Jewish Painters of the 17th and 18th Centuries on its Painted Decoration

17:00–18:30Secular Functions of Synagogues in Aims of Preservation(Chair: Mirko Przystawik)

Emil Majuk: Gates of Heaven, Houses of Congregation, Places of Memory and Oblivion. Post-war Fate and Local Meanings of Former Synagogue Buildings on the Border of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus

Tobiaš Smolik: „Schul“ as a Learning Space: A Second Chance for Czech Provincial Jewish Heritage Sites?

Monika Žąsytienė: The Imbalance Between ‘Our’ and ‘Other’ Heritage: Jewish Heritage Inclusion in Local Identity. Sveksna’s Case

Thursday, 14 SeptemberPOLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

09:00–10:30Current Happenings in Preserving and Presenting Synagogues(Chair: Ruth Leiserowitz)

Ruth Ellen Gruber: Jewish Built Heritage: From Dark Tourism to Destination Culture

Andrea Corsale: Experiences and Perspectives of Jewish Heritage Conservation and Promotion in Oradea and Timi oara, Western Romania

Anna Klimovich, Alena Kuzmiankova, Volya Pavlova-Sokolova: Heritage Acceptance or Cultural Appropriation: Source of Jewish Heritage Safety and Development in Belarusian Small Cities

11:00–12:30Synagogues as Inherited Objects(Chair: Katrin Keßler)

Bronya Tritschler: From Immigrant Community to Private Property: Ownership and Cultural Memory of Abandoned Synagogues in the UK

Valeria Rainoldi: Venetian Synagogues in Israel and Venetian Synagogues in Italy: Two Different Strategies for Preserving the Jewish Cultural Heritage

Kamila Lenartowicz: Jewish Heritage of the Former East Prussia

13:00–14:30Different or Same Patterns?(Chair: Rafał Witkowski)

Naida-Michal Brandl / Anita Fiket: What Happened to Them? Synagogue in Croatia after the Second World War

Júlia Csejdy: Approaches of the Scientific Community and Decision Makers to Hungarian Jewish Built Heritage after 1945. A Case Study of Two Orthodox Synagogues in Mád and Tállya.

Eugeny Kotlyar: Synagogues in Ukraine’s Independence Epoch: Rediscovery and Renovation of the Architectural Heritage

15:00Summary (Ruth Leiserowitz, Ulrich Knufinke)

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