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Marta Warat, Ewa Krzaklewska, Anna Ratecka and Krystyna Slany (eds.) (2017)

Gender Equality and Quality of Life Perspectives from Poland and Norway

Wydawnictwo Peter Lang
Miejsce wydania Frankfurt am Main et al.
Ilość stron 322
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-3-631-69982-9

This book engages with a critical perspective on gender equality and quality of life. It provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical and methodological frameworks for exploring both concepts which is complemented by the analysis of gender equality policies in Poland and Norway. With contributors from sociology to history and health studies, it draws on a wide range of examples to examine a multidimensional concept underpinning policy commitments and actions in areas such as family, labour market, health, reproductive rights or participation in political life.

"This is not only an expertly written and interesting book, but also a particularly current one in the light of the Europe-wide socio-political changes that affect both Poland and Norway."

Prof. Małgorzata Fuszara (University of Warsaw)

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