Informationen zum Verhältnis von Arbeit und Wissen (Position zum Handwerk) insbesondere in der jüdischen Geschichte (Zeit 14. bis 19. Jahrhundert)

Dissertationsprojekt "Zur Gesellenwanderung von/nach Breslau und Krakau vom 16. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert" (Arbeitstitel)

I am a PhD-Candidate at the Unversity of Vienna writing my dissertation entitled "Journeymen´s migration from/to Wroclaw and Cracow from the 16th to the 19th century" under the supervision of Prof. Ehmer and Prof. Ther as an interdiciplinary project between the department of Economic and Social History and the department of East European History.

By using the idea of "circulation of movement" and following the migration concept by Lesger et. al. (2002), it will be possible to study the development and changes of trapping routes throughout the centuries. Furthermore the migrational process can be analysed as a spatial experience.
This mirco-level study allows me to observe the individuality in a highly organised structure such as guilds and point out the area of conflict between these two social groups.


Elisabeth Thoß
Wehlistraße 35-43/6/204, 1200 Wien