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The objective of the Programme is to promote the Polish language and to popularize studies and research in Polish studies and Polish philology around the world. The Programme is addressed to students and doctoral students of Polish philology, Polish studies or Polish programmes implemented among others as part of Slavic studies (in the field of the Polish language, Polish culture and knowledge about Poland) as well as to scientists (researchers) from foreign universities and scientific institutions.

Thematic areas of activities carried out under the Programme

Students (including laureates and finalists of the Olympiad of Polish Literature and Language (OPLL) organized outside Poland) and doctoral students - NAWA Scholarship Holders, may, during their stay at a university in Poland, develop their Polish philology interests by participating in lectures and classes in accordance with the curriculum of selected studies, conducting research, carrying out research projects, collecting materials for a diploma or research thesis, improving Polish language skills, using the resources of the university’s libraries and archives.

Under the Programme, partial (one- or two-semester) studies or full first and second-cycle studies may be pursued as well as obtaining education at a doctoral school. The Applicants shall choose the university where they plan to study by themselves. The field of studies chosen by the Applicant should be consistent with the curriculum of the studies at the home university and with the assumptions of the POLONISTA Programme. The Applicant has to obtain the consent of the host university to undertake the studies and, in the case of candidates for full studies, successfully complete the recruitment procedure at the selected university.

The language of the studies is Polish.

Date of commencement and length of the studies

Start - not earlier than on 01 October 2022End - according to the Application and the studies regulations - from 1 to 8 semesters

For more information on the requirements, application process see the NAWA webpage

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