Artykuł w pracy zbiorowej

Kris Van Heuckelom (2021)

Remakes à la polonaise: From National Re-Adaptations to Internationally Inspired Rom-Coms

Wydawca Eduard Cuelenaere, Gertjan Willems, Stijn Joye (eds.)
Wydawnictwo Edinburgh Univ. Press
Miejsce wydania Edinburgh
Seria European Film Remakes
Język Angielski

ISBN: 9781474460644

This chapter begins with a brief historical investigation of a specific kind of film remake that has tended to dominate Polish cinematography throughout the twentieth century – namely, re-adaptations of (Polish-language) literary and theatrical fiction. The central part of the chapter, in turn, is taken up by a discussion of four Polish film productions from the past two decades, namely Jan Hryniak's The Third (Trzeci, 2005), Piotr Wereśniak's Oh, Charles 2 (Och, Karol 2, 2011), Michał Kwieciński's Love Is All (Miłość jest wszystkim, 2018) and Tadeusz Śliwa's (Un)familiar People ([Nie]znajomi, 2019). As I argue throughout the chapter, these four remake projects mark a significant transition in terms of temporal and geographical scope: whereas the first two productions embody a particular form of "diachronic remaking" within a distinct Eastern Bloc context – offering contemporary variations on communist-era film classics – the two most recent projects (which take their cues, respectively, from a Dutch and an Italian screenplay) indicate that Polish film professionals are becoming increasingly active in the field of transnational (synchronic) film remaking.