Helsinki University Press (od 2011)

Nordic Journal of Migration Research

Skrót NJMR
Wydawca Lena Näre, Synnøve Nepstad Bendixsen
Częstotliwość kwartalnie
Język Angielski

ISSN: E-ISSN: 1799-649X

The Nordic Journal of Migration Research is a double blind peer-reviewed, open access international journal that is cost free for authors and readers alike.

The journal publishes theoretical and empirical analyses of migratory processes, dealing with themes such as nationalism and transnationalism, ethnic relations and racism, border practices and belonging. The journal gives priority to Nordic issues, but publishes articles also from other geographical contexts. We are open to different methodological approaches, and publish one guest edited Special Issue per year (see Guidelines for SI proposals).

The journal was founded in 2011 by Nordic Migration Research (NMR). It is a continuation of the Norwegian Journal of Migration Research (2000-2009) and the Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration (2006-2010). The journal was published by Versita/deGruyter/Sciendo until the end of 2019. From January 2020 onwards, the journal is published by Helsinki University Press.

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