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Igor Kąkolewski, Przemyslaw Urbánczyk, Christian Lübke (eds.) (2020)

The Dawning of Christianity in Poland and across Central and Eastern Europe. History and the Politics of Memory

Wydawnictwo Peter Lang
Miejsce wydania Berlin et al.
Seria Polish Studies - Transdisciplinary Perspectives
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-3-631-79092-2

This book covers two fields of research. The first part of the volume includes essays authored by Polish, German, Czech, and Ukrainian archeologists and historians on the genesis and unique nature of the roads whereby Christianization proceeded in Polish lands in the early Middle Ages in the context of the kindred processes underway especially from the 10th century in neighboring lands. The second part of this publication includes considerations on the politics of memory as applied to the beginnings of statehood in Poland and Kievan Rus'. Chosen examples reveal the uniqueness and the evolution of various politics of memory related to the founding myths of statehood in modern Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.