Adam Kucharski (2020)

Placing Poland at the heart of Irishness. Irish political elites in relation to Poland and the Poles in the first half of the nineteenth century

Wydawnictwo Peter Lang
Miejsce wydania Berlin et al.
Ilość stron 352
Seria Polish Studies - Transdisciplinary Perspectives
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-3-631-82468-9

The main theme and objective of this book is the evolution of the Irish attitude towards Poland and the Poles during the first half of the nineteenth century. The book explores advanced Irish-Polish relations, emphasising the place of the Polish Question in the process of shaping modern Irish nationalism, and how from a distant, nearly exotic, country before the end of the eighteenth century, Poland became a source of parallels for the Irish nationalists. Using statistical and geographical analyses, the book goes on to show how the Polish revolution led to the ultimate foundation of the Irish-Polish advanced relations and the role of Poland in the process of shaping modern Irish nationalism.

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