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Eszter Gantner, Heidi Hein-Kircher, Oliver Hochadel (Hrsg.) (2020)

Interurban Knowledge Exchange in Eastern and Southern Europe, 1870-1950

Wydawnictwo Routledge
Miejsce wydania 2020 (2021)
Ilość stron 330
Seria Routledge Advances in Urban History
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-0-367-33329-4

Around 1900 cities in Southern and Eastern Europe were persistently labeled "backward." Allegedly, they had to follow the model of the metropolis such as London or Paris. Yet this volume shows that cities as diverse as Barcelona, Berdyansk, Budapest, Lviv, Milan, Moscow, Warsaw and Zagreb pursued their own agendas of modernization. Best practices with respect to urban planning and public health were gleaned from other cities. They were eclectic and innovative. This interurban perspective helps to overcome outdated notions of "center and periphery."

Introduction: Searching for Best Practices in Interurban Networks; Eszter Gantner, Heidi Hein-Kircher and Oliver Hochadel

Part I: Building a Modern City: Networks in Urban Planning
1. The Ghetto and the Castle: Modern Urban Design and Knowledge Transfer in Historic Prague Before and After 1918; Cathleen M. Giustino
2. In Search of Best Practices Within the Confines of the Russian Empire: The Port City of Berdyansk;
Igor Lyman and Victoria Konstantinova
3. Travelling Architecture: Géza Maróti's Art Between the Regional and the Global ; Eszter Gantner
4. The Exchange of Urban Planning Theory and Practice Along the Austro-Hungarian Periphery: Zagreb as a Case Study; Tamara Bjažic Klarin
Part II: Aiming at the Healthy City: Experiments with Best Practices
5. Learning from Smaller Towns: Moscow in the International Urban Networks, 1870–1910; Anna Mazanik
6. Best Practices from a Polish Perspective: Improving Health Conditions in Lviv Around 1900; Heidi Hein-Kircher
7. Improving Health in a Mediterranean City: Barcelona and the European Network (1931–1937); Celia Miralles Buil
Part III: The New Urban Space: Experiences and Institutions
8. A Discourse of Modernity?: Warsaw's Press on Urban Poverty (1880s–1910s); Clara
Maddalena Frysztacka
9. Going East: Gustave Loisel and the Networks of Exchange Between Zoological Gardens Before
1914; Oliver Hochadel
10. Architectural Conversations Across Europe's Borderlands: Transnational Exchanges Between
Barcelona and Bucharest in the 1920s; Lucila Mallart
11. In the Driver's Seat of Modern Urbanization: A Case Study of Automotive Development in the Emerging City of Barcelona, c.1900–1950; Barry L. Stiefel
12. Crossing the Iron Curtain: Milan's Museum of Technology and Transnational ; Exchanges Before and After World War II; Elena Canadelli

13. Afterword: Good by to Center and Periphery, Cor Wagenaar