Piotr Eberhardt (2019)

Political borders in Polish territory according to the Soviet atlas of 1940

Czasopismo Polish Cartographical Review
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma PCR
Numer/tom 51: 4(2019)
Ilość stron 207-214

ISSN: 0342-8321 (Print), 2450-6966 (Online)

The author presents Karmannyj Atlas Mira (Pocket Atlas of the World) which was published in Leningrad in 1940. It shows political borders existing in Polish territory at that time. Those borders resulted from the Soviet-German agreement reached in August and September 1939 in Moscow (the Molotov−Ribbentrop pact). On the maps in the Atlas the territories of central Poland are described as "Oblast Gosudarstvennych Interesov Germanii" (Area of the National Interest of Germany). The maps were reprinted in the article in the original version and underwent a historical, political and geographical analysis.