Teresa Malinowska (2020)

The Polish-Lithuanian Republic of Nobles in the French political thought (1573-1795)

Czasopismo Open Political Science
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma OPS
Numer/tom 3 (2020)
Ilość stron 231-242

ISSN: 2543-8042

The modern Polish-Lithuanian Republic drew the attention of many French political authors like Théodore de Bèze, Jean Boucher, Jean Bodin, Henri de Boulainvilliers, Montesquieu, Voltaire or Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Sarmatian State appeared in French political literature in 1573, when the French prince Henri de Valois was elected king of the Polish-Lithuanian Republic, until 1795, when it disappeared from the map of Europe. It appeared not only in political treaties but also in pamphlets, manifestos and travel literature. This article aims at analysing this continuous presence, which constitutes a fascinating key for reading the French political debates of the modern era.