Aleksandra Ziober (2019)

Lithuanian aspirations for an equality with the Crown in the 17th century. An attempt to systematize

Czasopismo Open Political Science
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma OPS
Numer/tom 2 (2019)
Ilość stron 181-187

ISSN: 2543-8042

The activity of representatives of the elites of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which sought equality with the Crowners, but also the defense of their prerogatives was present from the first days after the signing of the Lublin Union. Analyzing this issue, it should be remembered that the Crown and Lithuania were separated state bodies, which union did not merge into one country, but formed a federal state. They were characterized by a separate treasury, army, offices, judiciary, law, local government institutions, i.e. basically everything that determines the administrative independence of the country. Lithuanians wanted to guarantee the same rights as the Crown nobility had, however, remaining separate. Thus, offices were established having the same prerogatives in the Crown and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, such as the Grand and Field Hetman, Chancellor and Vice-Chancellors, Treasurer and Grand and Court Marshal, as well as a number of land and town dignities and dignitaries. The first of these were allocated appropriate seats in the senate, behind their crown counterparts, which caused quarrels between Poles and Lithuanians. However, manifestations of activity guaranteeing and "reminding" Poles of Lithuania's separateness from the Crown were evident throughout the entire existence of the federal Commonwealth.