Andrea Mariani (2019)

The contribution of the Society of Jesus to the political culture of Lithuanian elites

Czasopismo Open Political Science
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma OPS
Numer/tom 2 (2019)
Ilość stron 153-173

ISSN: 2543-8042

The paper deals with the role played by the Jesuit in the political formation of the Lithuanian elite during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The author analyzes the influence of the Jesuit school system on the political culture of the nobility through rhetoric, theatre and public examinations. In particular, it shows the elements of continuity, such as the unquestioned value of classical literature and Humanistic formation. These contributed to shape the political ethos of Polish-Lithuanian elites, based on consensus and active participation in public life. The changes introduced as a result of the reform of Jesuit school system did not alter the traditional understanding of education, but rather answered to the need for better qualified civil servants in an age of modernization of the Polish-Lithuanian state.