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Constantin Iordachi, Arnd Bauerkämper (ed.) (2014)

The Collectivization of Agriculture in Communist Eastern Europe. Comparison and Entanglements

Wydawnictwo Central European University Press
Miejsce wydania Budapest
Ilość stron 568
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-615-5225-63-5

This book explores the interrelated campaigns of agricultural collectivization in the USSR and in the communist dictatorships established in Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe. Despite the profound, long-term societal impact of collectivization, the subject has remained relatively underresearched.

The volume combines detailed studies of collectivization in individual Eastern European states with issueoriented comparative perspectives at regional level. Based on novel primary
sources, it proposes a reappraisal of the theoretical underpinnings and research agenda of studies on collectivization in Eastern Europe.The contributions provide up-to-date overviews of recent research in the field and promote new approaches to the topic, combining historical comparisons with studies of transnational transfers and entanglements.

Contents The Collectivization of Agriculture in Eastern Europe: Comparisons and Cross-border Entanglements I. The Soviet Interwar 'Model' and its Application in post-1945 Soviet Union Collectivization in the Soviet Union: Specificities and Modalities The Collectivization of Agriculture in the Baltic Soviet Republics, 1944-1953 II. Land Collectivization in East Central Europe The Collectivization of Agriculture in Poland: Causes of Defeat Collectivisation in Czechoslovakia in Comparative Perspective, 1949-1960 The Forced Collectivisation of Agriculture in Hungary, 1948-1961 Ideology and Asymmetrical Entanglements: Collectivization in the German Democratic Republic III. Land Collectivization in South-Eastern Europe Collectivization in Yugoslavia: Rethinking Regional and National Interests Collectivization and Social Change in Bulgaria, 1940s–1950s " Any other road leads only to the Restoration of Capitalism in the Countryside:" Land Collectivization in Albania The Collectivization of Agriculture in Romania, 1949-1962 IV. Axes of Differentiation: Social Conflicts, Centre and Periphery, 'Class Struggle,' Social and Ethnic Cleavages The Appropriation and Modification of the 'Soviet Model' of Collectivization: The Case of Hungary Collectivization as Social Practice: Historical Narratives and Competing Memories as Sources of Agency in the Collectivization Campaign in the GDR Collectivization at the Grass Roots Level: State Planning and Popular Reactions in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and the GDR, 1948-1960 Eastern European Collectivization Campaigns Compared, 1945-1962 V. Appendix General Bibliography Maps
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  • The Collectivization of Agriculture in Communist Eastern Europe. Comparison and Entanglements

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