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Katalin Kádár Lynn (ed.) (2013)

The Inauguration of “Organized Political Warfare”. The Cold War Organizations Sponsored by the National Committee for a Free Europe / Free Europe Committee

Wydawnictwo Helena History Press
Miejsce wydania Saint Helena
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ISBN: 978-0-9859433-0-1

The National Committee for a Free Europe – which at one point changed its name to Free Europe Committee – was a US government sponsored organization between 1949 and 1971. Its mission was to wage “organized political warfare" against Soviet Expansionism, with Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty as the two most well known divisions. The NCFE and its anti-communist campaign remains one of the last aspects of U.S. Cold War policy that has not been thoroughly researched, and Cold War scholarship will not be complete until this history is made available.

The essays in this book discuss the Bulgarian, Czechoslovak, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Baltic States national committees, which were formed to lead the propaganda battle against the growth of world-wide communism, and which represented the U.S.-based exile leadership of those satellite nations. The primary sources of this research were the archival records of the two radio divisions, acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives at Stanford University in 2000.

Contents Preface
At War While at Peace: United States Cold War Policy and the National Committee for a Free Europe, Inc.
History of the Council of Free Czechoslovakia
The History of the Romanian National Committee: 1947-1975
The Baltic Freedom Committees: Politics and Policies of an Exile Community
The Hungarian National Council / Hungarian National Committee / Magyar Nemzeti Bizottmány / Magyar Nemzeti Bizottság 1947-1972
Imre Kovács and Cold War Émigré Politics in the United States (1947-1980)
The Schism within the Polish Delegation to the Assembly of Captive European Nations 1954-1972
Democracy in Exile: The Bulgarian National Committee and G.M. Dimitrov
The Relationship Between the Assembly of Captive European Nations and the Free Europe Committee in the Context of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1950-1960
The Free Europe University in Exile Inc. and the Coll?ge de l'Europe libre (1951-1958)
The Cold War Activities of the Hungarian National Sports Federation
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610 pages containing 30 pages photo gallery, cloth
ISBN 978-0-9859433-0-1
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  • The Inauguration of "Organized Political Warfare"

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