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Zuzanna Bogumił, Joanna Wawrzyniak, Tim Buchen, Christian Ganzer and Maria Senina (2015)

The Enemy on Display. The Second World War in Eastern European Museums

Wydawnictwo Berghahn Books
Miejsce wydania New York
Seria Museums and Collections, Vol. 7
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-1-78238-217-1

Eastern European Museums represent traumatic events of World War II, such as the Siege of Leningrad, the Warsaw Uprisings, and the Bombardment of Dresden, in ways that depict the enemy in particular ways. This image results from the interweaving of historical representations, cultural stereotypes and beliefs, political discourses, and the dynamics of exhibition narratives. This book presents a useful methodology for examining museum images and provides a critical analysis of the role historical museums play in the contemporary world. As the catastrophes of World War II still exert an enormous influence on the national identities of Russians, Poles and Germans, museum exhibits can thus play an important role in this process.


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Preface: Project's History
Zuzanna Bogumił

Zuzanna Bogumił

Introduction: The Enemy on Display

Chapter 1. Temple of Heroic Community: Soviet people, Leningraders and German-Fascists in the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg
Chapter 2. Temple of Romantic Martyrdom: Poles, Germans and Jews in the Historical Museum of Warsaw
Chapter 3. Forum Revising National Myths: Second World War in the Dresden City Museum


Appendix: Museum descriptions: The Second War World and City History

Notes on Contributors