Tomasz Zarycki, Rafał Smoczyński, Tomasz Warczok (2017)

The roots of the Polish culture-centered politics: towards a non-purely-cultural model of cultural domination in Central and Eastern Europe

Skrócona nazwa czasopisma East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures
Numer/tom 31(2)
Ilość stron 360-381

ISSN: 1533-8371

This article's main aim is to propose a novel model explaining the continuous domination of identity issues in modern Polish political discourse. The model proposed here may also appear useful as an explanation of similar tendencies in some other Central European countries. It is based on a specific reading of the modern history of the region—one relying on a structural perspective and specifically using Pierre Bourdieu's notion of a "field of power." In conclusion, the article suggests that the perspective it proposes may challenge what it calls simplistic accounts of processes of long duration.