14.11. do 16.11.2019 w Leipzig, Niemcy

Comparative and Transnational Perspectives on Women's Cinema in the GDR and Poland 1945-1989

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In contemporary research, women's contribution to the development of Central and Eastern European cinemas remains a largely unexplored subject. Our workshop aims to encourage reflection on the position of women in Polish and East German socialist film industries and film cultures from the end of World War II in 1945 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The goal of the workshop is not only to highlight examples of film- and media-related work by women, but also to develop new comparative and transnational modes of evaluating Central and Eastern European women's filmmaking in its various sociopolitical, ideological and aesthetic dimensions.

The workshop is supported by the funds of the Deutsch-Polnische Wissenschaftsstiftung.


November 14th, 2019

17.00 Registration
18.00 Welcome
Keynote Lecture

Cornelia Klauß (Berlin): New Horizons and Disruptions.
East German Female Directors of the DEFA Studios and
the Underground

19.15 Dinner

November 15th, 2019


History, Ideology and Professional Biographies 1

Chair: Maciej Peplinski (Leipzig)

Natascha Drubek (Berlin): Olga Minska – A Career in
Aleksander Ford's Shadow

Elzbieta Durys (Warsaw): Ewa Petelska – Genres, Gender,
and Politics

Borjana Gakovic (Berlin): Wanda Jakubowska's East
Coproduction »Encounters in the Dark«
(1960) – A Case Study

Paulina Kwiatkowska (Warsaw): Zofia Dwornik –
The »Hand« of a Female Film Editor

11.30–12.00 Coffee Break


History, Ideology and Professional Biographies 2

Chair: Malgorzata Radkiewicz (Cracow)

Rafal Morusiewicz (Vienna): Polish Female Filmmakers
in the 1980s: A Study of the Cinematic Counterpublics

Grazyna Swietochowska (Gdansk): Female Filmmakers
as Professionals in Socialist Film Industries – A Comparative
Study of Poland and Czechoslovakia in the 1960s
and 1970s

Ewa Ciszewska (Lódz): Gendering Polish Presence at
Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Years 19461970

13.30–14.30 Lunch


Sociopolitical Realities

Chair: Borjana Gakovic (Berlin)

Magdalena Walo (Cracow): (Hi)Story For the Youngest.
Film Adaptations of Children Literature by Polish Female

Roman Zhigun (Moscow): Agnieszka Holland: The Fate
of »A Lonely Woman« against the Background of Social
and Political Cataclysm in Poland

O'Brien (Saratoga Springs): Constructing
Masculinites in Iris Gusner's »Die Taube auf dem
Dach« (1973/1990/2010)

16.00–16.30 Coffee Break


Keynote Lecture

Monika Talarczyk (Lódz): Women's Impact on the
History of the Central and Eastern European Cinema –
A Case Study of Polish Film Industry

17.45 Dinner

November 16th, 2019


Documentary and Experimental Filmmaking

Chair: Christine Gölz (Leipzig)

Justyna Jaworska (Warsaw): Krystyna Gryczelowska –
The Voice and the Silence

Antje F. Hoffmann (Berlin): Women in the GDR Documentaries
– Seeing between the Pictures through the
Method of the Video Essay

Katarzyna Lawinia Gorska (Bochum): Materialities of
Divergence. Women's Experimental Film and Video
Practice in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s

10.30–10.45 Coffee Break


Plenary Session

Chair: Ewa Fiuk (Cracow)

Conclusions, Invitation to the Workshop in Cracow,

12.15–13.00 Lunch


Maciej Peplinski