Krzysztof Jaskulowski, Marek Pawlak (2020)

Migration and Lived Experiences of Racism: The Case of High-Skilled Migrants in Wrocław, Poland

Czasopismo International Migration Review
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma IMR
Numer/tom 54: 2 (2020)
Ilość stron 447-470

ISSN: 0197-9183 (eISSN 1747-7379)

This article examines migrants' lived experiences with racism in Wrocław, Poland. Drawing on qualitative research conducted among high-skilled migrants, it analyzes various ways migrants encounter, understand, and cope with racism. Our case study broadens discussion about migration and racism by analyzing an Eastern European, post-socialist, predominantly "white" receiving society seldom researched in terms of racism. The article problematizes the assumption that high-skilled migrants experience only minor problems with incorporation. Furthermore, it suggests the importance of racial boundaries in a non-Western society that lacks a colonial background and long-standing relations with migrants. Therefore, our article contributes to a better understanding of how local settings inform the experiences of high-skilled migrants, which are often lost in abstract concepts of global flows and spaces.