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Krzysztof Brzechczyn (2019)

New Perspectives in Transnational History of Communism in East Central Europe

Wydawnictwo Peter Lang
Miejsce wydania Bern
Ilość stron 386
Seria Dia-Logos. Schriften zu Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften / Studies in Philosophy and Social Sciences
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-3-631-78099-2


Krzysztof Brzechczyn, The Transnational Perspective in Research on Communism: Foreword, p. 15

Part 1: Political Dimensions of Communism

Krzysztof Brzechczyn, Between Modernization and Enslavement: The Historiosophical Implications of Two Approaches to the Social Divisions in Real Socialism, p. 25

Igor Cașu, State Terror in Soviet Moldavia, 1940–1989: Categories of Victims, Repressive Methods and Punitive Institutions, p. 43

Jens Boysen, Integration through "Militarism" in the Warsaw Pact: The East German and Polish Leaderships as Soviet Allies, p. 57

Sarolta Klenjanszky, Entangled Histories of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party and the French Communist Party after the Invasion of Czechoslovakia, p. 77

Part 2: Ideological Dimensions of Communism

Uwe Backes, Decadent Ideocracies? Specifics and Changes of Regime Legitimation in Real Socialist Countries, p. 101

Vilius Ivanauskas, Lithuanian Soviet Writers and "Titular Literature": Three Generations in a Changing Environment, p. 137

Eva Petras, Prevailing Romantic Elements of Hungarian Nationalism at the End of the Socialist Era – Their Origin and Influence on Nationalism, p. 159

Part 3: Economical and Social Dimensions of Communism

Elitza Stanoeva, Inventing the Socialist Consumer: Worker, Citizen or Customer? Politics of Mass Consumption in Bulgaria, 1956–1968, p. 171

Mara Marginean, Mis/Managing Industrial Labour Productivity by the Late 1950s: Work, Collective Consumption, and Technologies of Nation Building in Romania, p. 199

Jakub Muchowski, Intimacies under State Socialism? Poles Emotional Self-Realization in the 1960s, p. 221

Part 4: East-Central States and Societies in Transnational Context

Christie Miedema, A Transnational Movement Breaking Down the Blocs? The "Alliance" Between the Western Peace Movement and the Polish Opposition in the 1980s, p. 239

Jure Ramšak, "Consumption of Revolutionary Ideas": New Left and Student Criticism in Slovenia 1971–1974, p. 271

Dirk Mathias Dalberg, The 'Program of Society's Self-Organization'. The Political Thinkingof Petr Uhl, p. 293

Part 5 Memory and Narratives of East-Central Communism

Dorota Malczewska-Pawelec and Tomasz Pawelec, A Study of Memory Politics as a Research Program for a Transnational History of Communism in East-Central Europe, p. 327

Anna Zadora, The Second World War in Belarus: A Fundamental Event for National Building and International Relations, p. 341

Oleksii Polegkyi, Russian and Ukrainian Struggles over 'Historical Narratives': Post-Imperial versus Post-Colonial Perspectives, p. 359

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