Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET)

  • Universität Wien
  • Wien, Austria
Historia, Stosunki międzynarodowe, Kulturoznawstwo, Literaturoznawstwo, Politologia, Socjologia, Ekonomia, inne
Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET)
Spitalgasse 2/Hof 1.1
1090 Wien
Telefon: +43-1-4277-41130

RECET takes the year 1989 as a starting point to think about social, economic, and cultural transformations in the wake of deep historical caesuras on a European and global scale. Its interdisciplinary research combines historical and social science approaches with a longue-durée perspective. Its focus on Central and Eastern Europe is enlarged by comparisons and the study of entanglements with other world regions, such as East Asia, and the co-transformation of Western countries.

RECET is based on the interdisciplinary cooperation between the Faculty of History and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna, the Vienna Institute for International Economics Studies (WIIW), and the Department for Non-Profit Organizations at Vienna University of Economics and Business. The Center is co-funded by the FWF through the Wittgenstein Award received by Philipp Ther, by the rectorate of the University of Vienna, and by selected third parties.

To learn more about RECET, please visit our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, read the Transformative Blog, or listen to the Transformative Podcast.

With questions regarding potential academic stays, cooperations, or for becoming a member of RECET's mailing list, please contact Irena Remestwenski, Managing Director, at

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