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Jerzy J. Wiatr (ed.) (2018)

New Authoritarianism. Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century

Wydawnictwo Barbara Budrich Publishers
Miejsce wydania Leverkusen
Ilość stron 220
Język Angielski

ISBN: 9783847422211

The author deals with comparative aspects of contemporary authoritarianism. Authoritarian tendencies have appeared in several "old democracies" but their main successes take place in several states which departed from dictatorial regimes recently. The book contains case-studies of contemporary Hungarian, Kenyan, Polish, Russian and Turkish regimes.

The third wave of democratization unlike the first and the second, has not been followed by the reverse wave. However, in several countries democratically elected leaders interpret democracy narrowly, as the rule of majority only. Other conditions for democratic government (such as the rule of law, protecting human rights) are ignored. Such system of government differs from the authoritarian model as defined by Juan J. Linz and can best be called "new authoritarianism". The future of new authoritarianism remains uncertain.

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