Tensions of Europe

  • (Eindhoven), Holandia
Historia, Kulturoznawstwo, Nauki przyrodnicze, Politologia, Socjologia, inne
Tensions of Europe

Tensions of Europe is the international scholarly network and hub for international research, education and outreach initiatives on Technology in European history. Founded in 1999, ToE explicitly includes social tensions in the making of technology and Europe, and Europe's transatlantic and (post)colonial connections.

ToE is an open, interdisciplinary, and bottom-up (building on participant initiative) academic network. It welcomes all scholars who can meaningfully contribute to its activities. There are no membership fee boundaries.

ToE organizes workshops, summer schools, and biennial conferences. It hosts a newsletter and website, and the digital museum Inventing Europe. ToE also develops agenda-setting 'flagship' programs that make participant projects speak to each-other and to larger societal and scholarly issues. The first ToE flagship program scrutinized Technology and European Integration, ca. 1850-2000. Today, in times of global crises and 'grand challenges', ToE builds a new flagship program tentatively called Technology and Societal Challenges, ca. 1815-2015. ToE has an active early career scholar network.