Call for Articles: Remembrance and Solidarity Studies

The European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) invites authors to submit thematically relevant contributions. Only unpublished articles, book reviews or conference reports will be considered.


The upcoming issue will showcase contemporary research and differing conclusions about European borderlands, both literally and metaphorically, especially in terms of memory and identity.

Remarkable changes in the 20th and 21st-centuries associated with the transformation of borders and the creation of new ones in the European Union and beyond maintain the pace of interest in borderland studies. In the last two decades, the issue of frontiers and borderlands has become the centre of attention in not only the humanities and social sciences, but also interdisciplinary studies. Moreover, there is a new emerging sub-discipline, which ethnologists and anthropologists call 'anthropology of borderness' and sociologists term the 'sociology of borderlands'. It investigates relations between communities living at various borderlands (including national, ethnic, cultural, religious, and regional), as well as factors influencing the nature of these relations and their consequences.

As there are several periodicals entirely dedicated to Borderland research, we intend to focus on issues that are relevant to our journal. We welcome new studies in various disciplines that address this dimension, either in real time or in the course of 20thcentury history and memory. Contributions can deal with the following aspects (although other aspects will also be considered):

  1. studies in the framework of international borders of nation states, interstate borders framing regions and other 'sub-national' political entities, as well as new global borders that bind broader formations of civilisations, economic blocs, or zones of influence and control.
  2. research on the borderland subject from geographical, historical, political, religious, ethnographic, social, economic cultural and other perspectives,
  3. interdisciplinary discussion of cultural borderlands and 'borderland-er' identity,
  4. critical and comparative analysis of cross-border co-operation and the impact of culture on forms of co-operation,
  5. examination of the collective and individual memory of of borderland region inhabitants as a phenomenon reflecting a complex relationship between memory, history and the past,
  6. comparative research on diverse European borderlands, which aims to uncover common and underlying factors and their various unique constellations,
  7. studies on challenges posed by contemporary social-, economic and cultural circumstances (including globalisation, migration, the EU, Schengen zone) in borderland research.

About the Journal

Remembrance and Solidarity. Studies in 20th Century European History is an annual peer-reviewed international journal that creates a platform for an exchange of views between researchers of the history of Central Europe. The bulletin is addressed to the 2 academic community (staff, undergraduates, graduate students, etc.) as well as a broad group of history enthusiasts (teachers and other interested individuals). Until now, the ENRS has published six issues on: the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, the First World War Centenary, the Legacy of 1989, the Memory of Economic Crisis, Holocaust/Shoah, as well as Violence in 20th-century European History. For more information on the journal and for digital access to previous publications please visit our website:

General Information

The seventh issue will be edited by Prof. Jan Rydel. Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in 20th Century European History is published online ( and limited copies are in print.


Please send your proposals (up to 500 words) by 30 October 2018. Prior to submission, please refer to the Guidelines for Authors, Information Duty as well as Consent Clause at Please note, the lack of signed Consent Clause makes the review of the abstract impossible.

Full articles not exceeding 6,000 words (including footnotes) will be expected by 14 December 2018. We only accept articles in English. All abstracts and articles must be submitted by the set deadline in Microsoft Word format (*.doc). Submissions should be e-mailed as an attachment to:

Review of work

You should receive a confirmation e-mail after submitting your article proposal. The review process normally takes approximately two weeks. Once your abstract has been assessed for suitability by the editors, it will then be single blind peer-reviewed by anonymous expert referees. You will be informed by e-mail if your work will be printed in the upcoming edition by 15 November 2018.


The preferred manuscript format is Word. Word templates are available online on the website www.enrs/studies.

The European Network Remembrance and Solidarity is an international initiative focusing on research, documentation and dissemination of knowledge about Europe's 20th-century history and ways it is commemorated with special focus on periods of dictatorships, war and social opposition to captivity. Network members are Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, while its advisory assemblies additionally involve representatives of Albania, Austria, the Czech Republic and Latvia.

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