Marta Malesza (2017)

Testing the construct validity of the Discounting Inventory – Psychometric properties of a Polish and German samples

Czasopismo Polish Psychological Bulletin
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma PPB
Numer/tom 48: 1 (2017)
Ilość stron 118-128

ISSN: 1641-7844

The Discounting Inventory (DI), originally developed in Polish language, allows the measurement of individual differences in the delay, probabilistic, effort, and social discounting rates. The present study attempted to validate the DI's psychometric properties using German university students and to compare the results to those from a sample of Polish university students. Over four hundred participants completed the DI and traditional discounting measures. A confirmatory factor analyses indicated that the original four-factor model of the DI provided an excellent fit for the German data and internal consistency was high. These outcomes were similar, if not superior, to those from the Polish sample. DI scores strongly correlated with traditional discounting measures scores in both samples, replicating previous results. These findings indicate that the DI is a valid measure for use in a sample from another cultural setting, which is potentially useful to both researchers and practitioners.