Piotr Radkiewicz (2017)

Ideological Inconsistencies on the Left and Right as a Product of Coherence of Preferences for Values. The Case of Poland

Czasopismo Polish Psychological Bulletin
Skrócona nazwa czasopisma PPB
Numer/tom 48: 1 (2017)
Ilość stron 93-104

ISSN: 1641-7844

The terms 'left' and 'right' cannot describe two extremes of a single ideological dimension. Instead, a bi-dimensional model including socio-cultural and socio-economic facets of leftism/rightism is postulated. Several studies conducted in the USA and Western Europe show a relative coherence of left-wing and right-wing orientation regarding both dimensions, whereas very diverse patterns can be found in the countries of Eastern Europe. In Poland cultural and economic leftism-rightism seem to be clearly negatively related. The general hypothesis in this paper claims that such ideological inconsistency is a product of coherence at the level of preferences for values, i.e. covariance within individualistic (Openness to change and Self-enhancement) as well as within collectivist values (Conservation and Selftranscendence). Based on a survey study (N = 750) conducted on a representative sample of Poles, it was shown that preferences for values made up two distinct dimensions: Openness to change vs Conservation, and Self-enhancement vs Self-transcendence. They are positively related but have fundamentally different relationships with political selfidentification and ideology.