De Gruyter Open (od 2001)

Slovak Journal of Political Sciences

Skrót SPR
Wydawca Peter Horváth
Częstotliwość kwartalnie
Język Angielski

ISSN: 1338-3140 (Print), 1335-9096 (Online)

Slovenská politologická revue. Slovak Journal of Political Sciences (SPR) publishes original papers written by political scientists and scholars in respective fields in Slovakia and abroad. The special attention is paid to
the problems of political system, political parties, civic society, regional communities, cities and villages, the dilemmas of university students, social structure and pathological phenomena. SPR is published by the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCM in Trnava. It is published quarterly. We published only in English language. Slovak versions include English summaries.
The Journal was established in 2001 as a platform for scientific research papers and book reviews of the multidisciplinary fields of Social Sciences.


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