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Educational Community
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Educational community (EC) represented on the Russian education market by the Accreditation in Education Publishing House has been implementing the projects in the field of education quality assurance since 2005.

Our mission is to
– help maintain ultimate informational transparency of the educational system;
– establish favourable conditions for the development of integration processes in the field of higher education.

Project history
Supporting integration processes in education the Group has launched the unique international project «Higher Education Discovery» (HED) in 2017. In the framework of the project the Group has established an online community for higher education professionals – HED Club, and started publishing the information and analytical HED journal. The HED journal finds its readers in 10 thousand universities from 80 countries.

HED's primary goal
Creation of a comprehensive global communication platform which will allow its members to share their best national practices, search for foreign partners, inform the global professional community on priority national projects in the field of higher education in the HED partner countries.

The project aims to
– solve the problem of international partner search;
– upgrade the tools for recruiting international students;
– contribute to attracting world-class teachers to universities;
– provide prompt information delivery;
– disseminate the best global practices of higher education internationalization.

Free subscription for the e-journal is avaliable.

If you want to find partners abroad, write in the HED journal and thousands of world universities on the one hand,and on the other QA agencies, national Ministries of Education will discover you.

Contact person: Shumelev Andrei

Read online: Issue 1, Issue 2