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Kultura Popularna 2017; 1 (51): Between History and Popular Culture

Skrót Kultura Popularna
Wydawca Uniwersytet SWPS
Częstotliwość kwartalnie
Język Angielski

ISSN: GICID: 01.3001.0010.4072

Between History and Popular Culture


Jews and Irish nationalism
through the lens of the 1916
centenary commemorations
Natalie Wynn

26 Seekers of happiness Jews and jazz in the Soviet
Union Victoria Khiterer

52 Casting a shadow
backwards and forwards
The para-Holocaust fiction
of Charles Reznikoff, Isaac
Bashevis Singer and Bernard
Jacek Partyka

68 Fighting for the Rosenbergs The Polish staging of Leon
Kruczkowski's play "Julius
and Ethel"
Barry Keane

76 Narrating Jewish history
in free walking tours
Warsaw as a case study Sabine Stach

92 Entangled heritage Wrocław's German-Jewish
and Polish-Jewish history
exhibitions, 1920 – 2010

104 Remebering Southern
Germany's Jewish past
Initiatives and developments
since the 1980's Martin Renghart

118 Aftereffects The representation of the
Holocaust, its universal
moral implication and
the transgenerational
transformation of the
trauma based on the Israeli
documentary fim OY MAMA
Liat Steir-Livny

136 Performing the Holocaust
on social networks
Digitality, transcultural
memory and new forms of
Eva Pfanzelter

152 Abstracts