A new topic in the Pol-Int-Salon: "Poland, an immigration country (for Germans)?" [EN]



Poland, an immigration country (for Germans)?

[ Polski / Deutsch ]

Since 2016 Pol-Int has been providing the science blog "Salon" on current topics and research questions concerning the field of "Polish studies". In the first year the Pol-Int users have intensively discussed the topic "Energy and Environment" (for more information see https://www.pol-int.org/pl/salon). The debate proceed digitally on the online platform and analogously in three expert discussions held in Germany and Poland.

At the beginning of 2017 we present a new highly current topic: "Immigration to Poland". Until now, Poland has been mainly in public debate as a country of emigration. We are looking for a change of perspective and ask: Is Poland an immigration country? Is there an immigration of Germans to Poland?

The "Science Salon" of Pol-Int and the German-Polish Science Foundation is a joint pilot project. It will start with an expert debate on the subject "Poland as an immigration country for Germans" on February 3, 2017 in the German-Polish bookshop buch|bund. We discuss analogously, digitally and interactively. In other words, you can take part live in the bookshop's debate and/or read, listen to and discuss the contributions of the event here. The event's results will be available as a movie, photo gallery and text collection in the Pol-Int-Salon.

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