Kristine Keese (2016)

Shadows of Survival: A Child's Memoir of the Warsaw Ghetto

Wydawnictwo Academic Studies Press
Miejsce wydania Brighton
Ilość stron 160
Seria Jews of Poland
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-1618115096

After sixty years, Kristine Keese is finally able to share the memories of her years spent in the Warsaw Ghetto as a small child. She owes her survival, and that of her young uncle, to the striking resourcefulness of her mother. The story emerges as vividly as if it happened yesterday, full of details that only a child would notice. Although the the events of the Warsaw Ghetto and the fate of its victims has been described many times, Keese's story is exceptional, as it is told through the eyes of, not a victim, but a child engaged with her daily reality focused on survival.