28.11. do 30.11.2016 w Hannover, Niemcy

THE LOCATION OF EUROPE - Shared and Divided Memories in the Global Age

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Shared and Divided Memories in the Global Age

28th – 30th of November 2016 at Palace Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany

In the course of the last two decades, Memory Studies have witnessed a veritable boom in various countries and disciplines and were subject to scientific (and sometimes very emotional) debates. Nevertheless, most of the major publications are limited to the national scale, therefore leaving a transnational European approach to be a desideratum of research. The symposium "THE LOCATION OF EUROPE - Shared and Divided Memories in the Global Age" aims to tell the story of Europe, its dynamics and its fault lines through a history of its memories, whether shared or divided, in order to highlight the crucial issues raised by our heritages.

The symposium is part of a publication project on European memories which will be published in autumn of 2017 and which will gather more than 100 leading experts hailing from all corners of Europe as well as the United States, Africa and Asia.

The publication will offer a vast panorama of European lieux de mémoire in three volumes, which is reflected in the three major conference themes: 'Weight of the past, choice of the past', 'Europes', 'World-Memories'. The point of departure for analyzing the selcted lieux de mémoire will be the present. Our main focus does not lie on their rich and complex history, but on their relevance and usage until today. In order to better account for the specific characteristics of 'European memory', the project seeks to highlight the global dimensions of the 'European' lieux de mémoire. The final part 'World-Memories' constitutes our guiding thread. This theme strikes us as the most original and most exciting - the contours and convolutions of 'European' memories as they are perceived at a global scale. The aim is to highlight the milestones and to illustrate the richness and diversity of European memories. The upcoming symposium aspires to be a platform for the exchange between the authors and editors in charge of this project. Furthermore, it will offer a forum for presentations on European iconography and will discuss the memorial challenges Europe is facing in the light of current political crises.

Participation in the symposium by invitation only.

Head of project: Dr Thomas Serrier (European University Viadrina/ Paris VIII)

Scientific Organization: Professor Dr Etienne François (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), Dr Thomas Serrier

Coordination: M.A. Mike Plitt (European University Viadrina)

With the friendly assistance of the Volkswagenstiftung