Andrzej Paczkowski (2015)

Revolution and Counterrevolution in Poland, 1980-1989

Wydawnictwo University of Rochester Press
Miejsce wydania Rochester
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-1580465366

The 1980 general strike in Poland and the establishment of the independent Solidarity movement, which sought to create a state based on the idea of civic freedom, were symptoms of a crisis of the communist system. On December 13th, 1981, General Wojciech Jaruzelski on behalf of the ruling Communist Party imposed martial law, effectively quashing Solidarity. Jaruzelski won the battle, but Solidarity continued its revolution in secret and Poland remained politically destabilized. Elections held in June 1989 ended with the defeat of the Communists and the establishment in September of a coalition government in which half of the parliamentary seats went to Solidarity, whose representative was also appointed prime minister. The revolution inaugurated in 1980 by the dockworkers of Gdansk had come to fruition. Revolution and Counterrevolution in Poland, 1980-1989 devotes twenty chapters to fundamental events of the decade in question, with particular emphasis on the martial law period. Drawing on extensive archival research, Andrzej Paczkowski examines the origin and form of the Solidarity revolution, the course of the Communist counterrevolution, the final victory won by Solidarity, and its international repercussions.

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