The Year Abroad Scholarship for American citizens interested in Polish language studies


The Year Abroad Scholarship supports Polish language studies at the Jagiellonian University's Center of Polish Language and Culture in Cracow, Poland. Scholarships are awarded under the auspices of the Foundation's Exchange Program with the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Polish Ministry provides scholarship recipients with admission to the program, a tuition waiver and 1,350 zloty per month for living expenses. Additional funding of $900 per semester is awarded by the Kosciuszko Foundation. Airfare is not covered by the scholarship.

Studies in Poland begin in October and end in June. Students may apply for an academic year or one semester. Please note that the Ministry may elect to award semester-only grants.


For an overview of the program, please see Polish Studies for Foreigners 2015-2016 (PDF 445KB), the most recent catalog available. The catalog includes an academic calendar, list of courses, information on dormitory housing, medical insurance, the University's grading system, and more.


Undergraduate sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and who are US citizens may apply. Polish citizens are not eligible.


Selection is based on academic excellence, the applicant's motivation for pursuing Polish studies, interest in Polish subjects and involvement in the Polish American community.


The application posted for the Year Abroad Scholarship is used by the Polish Ministry to administer a variety of programs/scholarships. Read and follow the guidelines and instructions posted here.

I – Prepare the following supporting materials before applying on-line:

For Application - PART III

  1. Question #21 – a well-reasoned personal statement detailing your reasons for applying for the program. Include your academic and career goals. Minimum of 2 pages, double-spaced. Include your name, "Year Abroad-2016/2017" and page number in the upper right hand corner of each page.

For Application - PART IV

  1. Item A – is not applicable to the Year Abroad program.
  2. Item B – copies of certificates/diplomas (for upload) + send hard copy transcripts of studies (3 years of academic work) to the KF via USPS.
  3. Item C – Request letters of recommendation from two professors you have studied with in the US. Letters should be written on university letterhead and sent by professors directly to the Kosciuszko Foundation via USPS or e-mail.
  4. Item D – is not applicable to the Year Abroad program.
  5. Item E – Other documents such as Polish language certificates (for upload).
  6. Item F – Photo of yourself, which is suitable for ID and for publication (for upload).

II - Use the following file naming conventions when saving files to upload to the on-line application form:

  1. Question #21 - <YA18-essay-Last name-First name>
  2. Item B - <YA18-diploma-Last name-First name>
  3. Item C - <YA18-LOR-Student Last name-First name-Prof Last name>
  4. Item E - <YA18-certificate- Last name-First name>
  5. Item F - <YA18-photo-Last name-First name>

III – Prior to applying, review the application questions at this link: Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

IV - Complete the on-line application form at the Click Here to Apply button found further below. All responses must be in English.

  • In question 14a choose "Other".
  • In question 14b type in "Jagiellonian University".
  • In question 14c type in "Polish language and culture studies".
  • In question 15, choose "I am applying for a scholarship from the government of the Republic of Poland".
  • In questions 20a and 20b, indicate the start and end dates you wish to apply for (first semester, second semester, full year). Use relative dates provided in the most recent Polish Studies for Foreigner catalog - academic year 2016/17 dates will differ slightly.
  • In response to question 21, upload your personal statement/essay discussing your reasons for applying for the program.

V - Complete the Exchange to Poland Checklist and send with a check or money order in the amount of $50 (non-refundable application fee) to the Kosciuszko Foundation.


Year Abroad Program Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc. 15 East 65th Street New York, NY 10065