Cambridge University Press (od 1990)

European Review

Wydawca Cambridge University Press
Częstotliwość kwartalnie
Język Angielski

ISSN: 1062-7987

The European Review is a unique interdisciplinary international journal covering a wide range of subjects. It has a strong emphasis on Europe and on economics, history, social science, and general aspects of the sciences. At least two issues each year are devoted mainly or entirely to a single subject and deal in depth with a topic of contemporary importance in Europe; the other issues cover a wide range of subjects but may include a mini-review. Past issues dealt with China, tradition and modernity; Risk; Science and global communication; Who owns the Human Genome; Clash of civilisations; From decolonisation to post-colonialism; The future of the welfare state; Japan and Europe; Eurocentrism; Human rights; Democracy; Democracy in the 21st century; Using the Web in the democratic process; Making labour history interesting; False confessions after repeated interrogation; Living in real and virtual worlds.

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