Katarzyna Lasinska (2013)

Social Capital in Eastern Europe. Poland an Exception?

Wydawnictwo Springer International
Miejsce wydania Cham
Ilość stron 238
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-3-658-00522-1

Katarzyna Lasinska deals with the consequences of democratic transitions in Middle and Eastern Europe. By selecting specific sets of countries according to the main explanations such as Catholic tradition, transformation process and communist legacies, the author identifies key factors explaining particular findings in Poland. Thank to systematically used comparative research strategy the pitfalls of idiosyncratic argumentation are successfully avoided. Through inclusion of religious tradition as an explanative factor the results go beyond the commonly used East-West comparisons. The author presents a comprehensive picture of complex conditions and different processes for social capital building across Eastern European societies.

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  • Social Capital in Eastern Europe. Poland an Exception?

    Zrecenzował(a) dr Aleksander Kobylarek