The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD)

The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) is the first diplomatic program in Poland, which prepares students and young graduates for work in fields such as the Polish Foreign Service, Polish Civil Service, European institutions and international organizations. Since 2004, thanks to our exceptional methodology, high quality of teaching, extraordinary students profile and openness to cooperation, AYD has been training future leaders of the social and political scene in the spirit of responsibility for the surrounding world. More than 2000 participants had graduated from the previous ten editions of the Academy of Young Diplomats. Approximately one hundred of them found work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while others are employed in European institutions, international organizations and public administration.

Our values:

  • Unique Methodology

Throughout the previous ten editions we have been developing and perfecting our teaching methods. The uniqueness of our approach lays in the emphasis put on the development of practical skills, which are useful in the future careers of our participants. Based on this approach, the program is a mixture of theory and practice. Participants gain knowledge and experience that is not offered by other educational institutions.

The Academy of Young Diplomats is held in Polish, with only some meetings and workshops conducted in English.

  • Highest quality of education

Among AYD speakers there are specialists with years of experience in their fields. Our guests include former Presidents - Valdas Adamkus (Lithuania), Aleksander Kwasniewski, Lech Walesa; Ministers of Foreign Affairs - Władysław Bartoszewski, Bernard Kouchner (France), Andrzej Olechowski, Dariusz Rosati, Boris Tarasyuk (Ukraine); Prime Ministers - Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Józef Oleksy, Hanna Suchocka; as well as highest representatives of international institutions - Jerzy Buzek (President of the European Parliament), Javier Solana (Secretary General of NATO). So far, we had the pleasure of hosting more than 60 ambassadorsaccredited in Poland, enabling participants to have direct contact with the active diplomats as well as insight into the their work.The Academy of Young Diplomats offers the highest level of education supported by the accreditation of the Education Office in Warsaw. The AYD can boast a well-known group of lecturers from Poland and abroad.

  • The unique profile of the students of the Academy

Participants of the AYD are open towards the world, engaged in social activities as well as striving for continuous academic and professional development. The Academy offers a unique opportunity to meet people with similar interests, plans for the future and objectives. The intimate atmosphere of the Academy fosters a sustainable network of contacts. The friendships made during the program are beneficial to our participants' future careers.

  • Openness and collaboration

The AYD coordinators are open to all offers of cooperation, both during the program and after its completion. We assist our students with new initiatives, conferences and other activities. We stay in touch with the graduates through the Alumni Club.

  • Help in future career

European Academy of Diplomacy helps students in developing future careers and supports their initiatives. We participate in exchange programs, issue recommendations and provide patronage for events organized by our students. In addition, participants gain access to the Office of Careers with job offers associated with the international relations.

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