Lily Gardner Feldman (2014)

Germany's Foreign Policy of Reconciliation. From Enmity to Amity

Wydawnictwo Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Miejsce wydania Lanham, Maryland
Ilość stron 412
Język Angielski

ISBN: 978-0742526136

Since World War II, Germany has confronted its own history to earn acceptance in the family of nations. Lily Gardner Feldman draws on the literature of religion, philosophy, social psychology, law and political science, and history to understand Germany's foreign policy with its moral and pragmatic motivations and to develop the concept of international reconciliation. Germany's Foreign Policy of Reconciliation traces Germany's path from enmity to amity by focusing on the behavior of individual leaders, governments, and non-governmental actors. The book demonstrates that, at least in the cases of France, Israel, Poland, and Czechoslovakia/the Czech Republic, Germany has gone far beyond banishing war with its former enemies; it has institutionalized active friendship. The German experience is now a model of its own, offering lessons for other cases of international reconciliation. Gardner Feldman concludes with an initial application of German reconciliation insights to the other principal post–World War II pariah, as Japan expands its relations with China and South Korea.

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  • Germany's Foreign Policy of Reconciliation. From Enmity to Amity

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