Financing decentralized energy production through capital participation of consumers. Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSOPs) as an alternative to traditional models? The examples of Poland and Germany

Due to the ambitious goals of EU to raise the annual energy consumption from renewable energy resources to 20% by 2020, the decentralization of energy production has gain on importance. Popular acceptance and financial participation by local citizens are an important factor for a success oft he energy transition away from fossil fuels to renewable resources. Some member states, such as Germany or Denmark, have already successfully introduced financial participation models in the energy projects. In my dissertation I am researching the existing models and present an alternative solution, namely the Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSOP). This financial concept created by an American attorney and investment banker Louis O. Kelso in the 1960s is designed especially for regulated markets (such as the energy sector) and dedicated for people without sufficient financial assets. The focus of the research is put on Germany and Poland. The ongoing changes in laws concerning renewable energy resources in both countries raise new challanges, but also create new opportunities for the development of the sector. Thus, it is important to find new solution and/or improve the existing ones.