28.10. do 30.10.2019 w Warszawa, Polska

Myths, Memories and Economies: Post-Socialist Transformations in Comparison

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9th Genealogies of Memory International Conference
Myths, Memories and Economies: Post-Socialist Transformations in Comparison

The year 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of political changes in former state socialist countries of Eastern Europe in 1989. With the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, the early 1990s then witnessed some of the most wide-reaching, ambitious, and at times abrupt economic transformations from planned economies to free market systems in the 20th century. Yet, these transitions were not limited to the economic sphere. Its attendant effects could be felt within all areas of social life and produced numerous characteristic -- and often problematic -- phenomena of the 1990s, especially in the former Eastern Bloc. With 30 years separating the eventful year of 1989 and the present, we find ourselves at a point with sufficient distance to retrospectively reflect upon the above-mentioned changes. As a period actively experienced by most of today's adult generation, the post-1989 economic, political, and social changes are only now undergoing a process of historicisation.

The 9th Genealogies of Memory conference "Myths, Memories and Economies: Post-Socialist Transformations in Comparison" therefore seeks to explore the role that memory plays in this process, particularly at a time when this period has already produced its own popular mythology. It aims to examine the still ongoing and dynamic process of memory sedimentation of the economic transformations, as well as their contradictory valences ranging from unlimited opportunities to traumatic failure.

Keynote lectures throughout the conference will be given by Johanna Bockman, Thomas Lindenberger, Adam Mrozowicki and Martin Schulze Wessel.

The most recent version of our programme can be found on the website: https://enrs.eu/genealogies2019

Please note that while participation in the conference is free, prior registration is required here: https://events.enrs.eu/genealogies2019

Date: 28-30 October 2019, Warsaw
Venue: University of Warsaw Library, Dobra 56/66, 00-312 Warszawa

Organiser: European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, Co-Organiser: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


Antoni Zakrzewski