20.09. do 22.09.2016 w Berlin, Niemcy

Call for Papers: conference and subsequent publication "Common values: argument, counter-argument and courses of action in German and Polish policy on Europe"

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Common values: argument, counter-argument and courses of action in German and Polish policy on Europe

(Werte Werte! Argumente, Gegenargumente und Handlungsoptionen in der deutschen und polnischen Europapolitik)

A conference organised by the European Academy Berlin, in conjunction with OBIEE, Centre for European Studies and UAM, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, and with kind support from AEI, Arbeitskreis Europäische Integration (European Community Studies Association, ECSA, Germany), Foundation for Polish-German cooperation and the Polish-German Science Foundation and co-funded by the European Union

from 20 to 22 September 2016 in Berlin

Analysis of public discourse in Germany and Poland, with regard to current political, social and economic challenges in Europe, in particular in the European Union, makes clear that not only are there divergent visions in the integration finality debate, but there are also different interpretations regarding common values and principles. This diversity of interpretation, approaches and interests is not only bi-national, but also intra-national, and applies to strategies of political elites, to media coverage, to public opinion as well as to analytic and academic discourse. In order to strengthen cohesion in Europe it is therefore necessary to analyse various points of view, argument and counter-argument as well as to engage in exchange of views on possible courses of action in a German-Polish context. The key issue is above all the question of how, despite the presumed conceptual differences, mutual understanding of one another can be enhanced and cooperation made more fruitful in and for Europe.

Against this background, the project has as its objective to address common areas, divergences, argument and counter-argument in the German and Polish understanding of Europe, particularly of the EU. In this dimension it is proposed in equal measure to analyse various points of view in interpreting concepts and expounding theories vis-à-vis EU values and principles (such as democracy, solidarity and justice) as well as empirical policy and challenge fields (cohesion policy, foreign and security policy, energy policy, justice and home affairs) in a bi-national context, then to participate in discussion with regard to courses of action and cooperation in and for Europe.

In the central focus of the conference will be the following areas of topic interest:

  • 'The winner takes all!' – democracy, rule of law and the separation of powers as instruments of power;
  • "How much Europe would you like today?" Implementing European legislation in Germany and Poland;
  • "I want my money back!": Justice, solidarity and consensus finding as seen through the lens of multi-annual budgets and redistribution of funds;
  • "The Great Energy Challenge": security, responsibility and national interests as exemplified in energy and climate policies;
  • Flight, asylum, migration: respecting human dignity, maintaining human rights and the issue of European solidarity;
  • Values and principles in the competition for integration: European policies towards the east.

The project is addressed primarily to the younger and intermediate generation of academic personnel, analysts and multiplier personalities from Germany and Poland. In order to encourage junior scientists, an invitation is also extended to students and those researching for a doctoral degree, to present their research project and results and open them up for discussion in the course of the conference using innovative formats (Pecha Kucha).

The conference (20-22 September 2016) will be held in English. The conference outcomes will be published in book form in the publication series operated by AEI in the Nomos-Verlag publishers in either German or English. Anyone who is interested in this is asked by 21 August 2016 at the latest to send a brief thematic abstract (no more than 1500 characters) and some biographic details to Ricarda Lindau (p6@eab-berlin.eu). Selection of conference participants and potential contributors to the book will be completed by the end of August 2016.


Ricarda Lindau / Europäische Akademie Berlin
Bismarckallee 46/48