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Conflict and Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region after the Congress of Vienna (1815) | Call for Papers

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Academia Baltica, Sankelmark


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8th Conference of Junior Researchers of the Baltic Sea Region in Sankelmark (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), October 27–29, 2023

The education center “Academia Baltica“ (Sankelmark) invites you to a conference for junior researchers on „Conflict and Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region after the Congress of Vienna (1815)“. The conference will take place in Sankelmark, a place near the German-Danish border on Oct. 27–29, 2023 and aims at gathering junior researchers from the Baltic Sea region in order to discuss various aspects and concepts of the topic in question. Papers may address subjects like

  • Regional concepts of the Baltic Sea region (e.g. „Baltic countries“, „Northern Europe“, „Hanse area“ etc.)
  • International relations (co-operations, alliances, conflicts related to politics, economy, or culture)
  • Military history and policies
  • Security policies
  • Environmental policies
  • Peace policies, research on peace
  • Concepts of enmity and/or friendship

Conference languages are German and English. Contributions are scheduled to max. 20 minutes.

Young researchers (M.A. and PhD candidates, postdocs) dealing with the topics outlined and coming from countries of the Baltic Sea region are encouraged to submit their proposals. The conference is an interdisciplinary forum open not only for historians, but also for history orientated political scientists, sociologists, literary and language scholars, ethnologists, geographers, and other scholars in humanities thematically related.

For questions please contact:

Prof. Dr. Karsten Brüggemann ( Dr. Ralph Tuchtenhagen (

Proposals must include:

  • the title of your paper
  • an abstract (max. 100 words)
  • your complete post and e-mail addresses
  • your affiliation

Submission deadline is June 15, 2023.

In case your proposal is going to be evaluated positively Academia Baltica will send you an official invitation. It is highly probable that we will be able to reimburse your travel expenses. Boarding and lodging in Sankelmark will be free of charge. We are looking forward to your proposals and to receive you as our guests at Sankelmark Academy.

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