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Virtual book roundtable discussion: Anna Müller’s An Ordinary Life? The Journeys of Tonia Lechtman, 1918-1996 | Lecture

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Polish Studies Association, the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, and the University of Pittsburgh’s History Department


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Roundtable discussion on Anna Müller’sAn Ordinary Life? The Journeys of Tonia Lechtman, 1918-1996(Ohio University Press, 2022).

University of Pittsburgh, on Tuesday, May 16, at 3 pm EST (Zoom event).Tonia Lechtman was a Jew, a loving mother and wife, a Polish patriot, a committedcommunist, and a Holocaust survivor. Throughout her life, these identities brought her tomultiple countries – Poland, Palestine, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Israel –where she lived on the margins of society during some of the most pivotal and cataclysmicdecades of the twentieth century.

This roundtable will discuss Anna Müller’s book, which is not a mere biography of aremarkable woman, but also offers a view of the troubled history of twentieth-centuryEurope.

The roundtable features Marci Shore (Yale University), Joanna Sliwa (Jewish ClaimsConference), Anna Hájková (University of Warwick), Jadwiga Biskupska (Sam HoustonState University), Małgorzata Fidelis (University of Illinois Chicago), John Bukowczyk(Wayne State University, editor of the Polish and Polish-American Studies Series from OhioUniversity Press), and Anna Müller. Karolina May Chu is the moderator (University ofWisconsin-Milwaukee).

Anna Müller holds an MA from the University of Gdańsk, Poland, and a Ph.D. from IndianaUniversity. She is an Associate Professor and the Frank and Mary Padzieski EndowedProfessor in Polish, Polish American, and Eastern European Studies at the University ofMichigan-Dearborn. Previously, she was a curator for the Museum of the Second War inGdańsk, preparing exhibitions on the Holocaust, the concentration camps, forced labor, andeugenics. She is the author of If the Walls Could Speak. Inside a Women’s Prison inCommunist Poland (Oxford University Press, 2018) and An Ordinary Life? The Journeys ofTonia Lechtman, 1918-1996 (Ohio University Press, 2022).

The talk is co-sponsored by the Polish Studies Association, the University of Pittsburgh’sCenter for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, and the University of Pittsburgh’sHistory Department.

Through May 23, 2023, discounted books are available at, using thepromo code TONIA.

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